Relay is the smarter phone for kids with GPS & SOS alerts. Get 15% off on Amazon!

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Everything you need to know about Relay

The smarter phone for kids.

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Kids can use Relay to contact other Relays, or your smartphone―in every state across the nation. And it’s all powered by the world’s fastest 4G LTE network. 

Press one button to talk anywhere in the country

“A truly unique kind of family

communicator” -PC Mag

Download the free companion app to turn your smartphone into a Relay―then use it check in with your kid. And with parental controls, you always know who your kid is talking with.

Connect Relay with your smartphone

Real-time GPS tracking in the companion app shows your kid’s location and history on a map―so you never wonder where they are.

Check your kid’s location at
a glance

Safe and secure for families.

Easy and fun for kids.

Check out Relay at your local Target store

Get 15% off on Amazon!