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Relay Platform

Deliver solutions faster

Relay is a mobile development platform unlike any other

Complete package: Cellular connectivity and easy controls

With the Relay Platform, build mobile IoT and Voice Applications without worrying about complex and expensive cellular data plans, or writing location, sensor and voice services from scratch. Get from concept to solution without dealing with hardware complexity. 

Unleash the power of voice

Need calling + audio alerts + voice driven commands? We’ve got you covered. With Relay’s powerful SDK, enable real-time communications between Relay and other mobile/web endpoints for all your Voice Powered IoT needs.



AWS Lambda

Use native language SDKS

Deploy on-premise or to the cloud

Relay SDK Demo: Pick a Number 


Target apps to specific devices

Prototype to production in minutes not months

Prototyping with off the shelf hardware allows rapid design iteration, but bringing custom hardware to production is time intensive and costly. Other mobile or voice platforms limit available tools or controls - with Relay you can use built in functions or bring your own 3rd party services. Our Relay CLI lets you deploy production infrastructure in seconds.

Register for API access

Includes Relay+ device with access to API management system

The Internet of Humans: Real-time interaction with IoT

You’ve deployed lots of sensors and connected devices - how can you make it easier for people to interact with them hands free and in real-time? Relay is a portable cellular communication & tracking device with open APIs for alerting, communication and voice commands. We'll show how you create and deploy workflows that enable real-time interactivity to a Relay.

New: Relay presents at Twilio Signal 2021