• Relay survives just about anything - from drops in water to drops on concrete 
  • Small and lightweight - no protruding, breakable parts like antennas
  • Less repairs and replacements translates into more savings

We're killing the radio. Copy that?



  • Talk in groups or in 1:1 private conversations
  • Create unlimited channels 
  • Wired and bluetooth headset capable
  • Use the Relay dashboard to track, manage and even communicate with your team



Say hello to nationwide 4G LTE + WiFi range and goodbye radio dead spots and repeaters. 

Meet Relay, the future of golf course communications.


  • Connects over WiFi and cellular network for virtually seamless coverage across your course - no matter the size
  • Eliminates the need for radio repeaters


“Before Relay, we were using old school walkie-talkie radios. Relay can be used from any area of the property. The 4G LTE and WiFi connection gives us the ability to communicate from anywhere, which wasn’t possible with our past walkie-talkies.”

- Troy Ferguson , GM, Twin Oaks Golf Course

Nationwide 4G LTE + WiFi range

GPS tracking

Water resistant

Unlimited channels

All-day battery

Military-grade durability

Get to know Relay+ and how it works

Relay+: How does it work?


The future of team communications


Why are you still using outdated technology?

Relay starts where the walkie-talkie stops. Cellular range to connect nationwide. Small, sleek and powerful. Super rugged and water-resistant. Your golf course needs a communications device built for the future - not one that lives in the past.

What if your radio had these features

+  Bluetooth, Broadcast Alerts, Language Translation, Record and Replay Messages

The Relay difference makers

Choose the plan that's right for you

Relay App  

Free with plan subscription

  • Talk to directly Relay+, Relay App or Relay Dashboard
  • Unlimited channels and chats
  • Cloud connected data access
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Chrome web browsers

If you have team member who uses their smartphone or computer, the Relay app allows them to stay connected to the rest of the team.

Relay+  $149

  • Unlimited 4G LTE cellular data
  • Durable silicone construction
  • Water resistant, IPx8 rated
  • 1.5 watt double speaker output
  • Dual noise canceling
  • Wireless charging (charging pad required)

       In the box

  • USB cable and power adapter
  • 1 year limited warranty

Great for active team members who need to be heads up and hands free to do their job.

  • Push-to-talk group communications
  • Unlimited channels
  • Broadcast alerts
  • GPS tracking
  • Nationwide range w/ LTE

Starter Plan


  • One-on-one calling
  • Incident management including panic alerts
  • Real-time Indoor Locations (BLE Beacons and Indoor Maps)
  • Location and message history
  • Language translation

Pro Plan


Enterprise Plan

  • Location tracking reports and insights (BLE, WiFi, or NFC)
  • Work verification reports and performance tracking
  • Access to Relay SDK and API (Slack integrations, etc)
  • Emergency response integration*
  • Tasks management and work order dispatch*

*coming soon



1-10 Employees

1-100 Employees

1-100+ Employees

A head-to-head comparison



Web browser dashboard management

Unlimited nationwide range and WiFi

Unlimited channels

Communicate with phone and computer

Record and replay messages later

Add and remove users, or cancel, anytime

GPS location tracking

Language translation

Send panic alerts

Analyze workflows